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Heinemann Publishing was founded as Heinemann & Howen Publishing by Anne Kathrin Heinemann and Georg von der Howen in April 2004. Both came from AWi Publishing – today Konradin IT Publishing – where they had been working in management positions for the network publication LANline for several years.

In September 2004 the first magazine – »IT-Administrator«, the Magazine for Professional System and Network Administration – was published successfully. From the beginning on, it clearly concentrated on the daily needs of the readers. The monthly number of new subscribers and the constant rising number of advertising customers proved the concept to be right very quickly. In 2005 and 2006, the company could already realise a small profit.

In December 2005 the two founders decided to separate due to different ideas about the collaboration and management of the company. Anne Kathrin Heinemann took over the shares of her former partner and changed the company's name into Heinemann Verlag in January 2006.

Between January 2006 and 2007 Dr. Götz Güttich, who had been working as editor for IT-Administrator from the beginning on, held the position of the editor-in-chief. Since January 2007 John Pardey, formerly product manager for system software and network administration products at WEKA Media, is editor-in-chief of IT-Administrator, supported by editor Daniel Richey, who completed his editorial apprenticeship at the publishing house successfully in October 2006.

In March 2007 Heinemann Verlag took over the competitor »Admins Favorite« from Weka Media Publishing and turned its close to 1.000 subsrcriptions into  IT-Administrator Magazine subscriptions. At the same time the website www.it-administrator.de was completely relaunched.

In October 2007 Matthias Heinemann was announced as further Managing Director. He is in charge of  IT Infrastructure, Purchasing and Online Activities.
Also in October 2007 the new System and Netzwerk User Group ITANet is founded with many additional opportunites and offers for all subscribers, e.g. free or low priced live workshops.

Since 2008 the regular 12 monthly issues of IT-Administrator Magazine are accompanied by two special issues per year.

In March 2008 IT-Administrator Magazine took part successfully at LAC (Readership Analysis Computer Press) 2008. According to that survey it has 69.000 readers per issue, out of which 35.000 belong to the so called professional ICT Investment Decision Makers, which is an almost amazing result for the comparably young title and rather small monthly circulation of 10.000 copies.

In April 2008 Heinemann Publishing moved offices from Unterhaching to the city center of Munich, to Leopoldstreet 85.  This new and bigger office now also allowed the enlargement of the team: editorial trainee Lars Nitsch supports IT-Administrator editorial team since May 2008 and part-time assistant Annika Hennig supports the management team – especially in advertising and marketing activities – since December 2008.

In September 2009 IT-Administrator celebrated its 5-year anniversary, 3.000 subscribers and the enlargement of the editorial team. The magazine’s concept to consequently focus on the added value of the reader has been proven. As per December 2009, the number of subscribers amounted to 3.000. Lars Nitsch successfully concluded his editorial voluntary service in October. Furthermore Daniel Richey, working for our team since October 2006, was appointed deputy chief editor from 1st of January 2010 on.

In summer of 2011, for the first time, IT-Administrator sold 4.000 magazines on a monthly basis, and again succeeded in taking part at a reader survey. Being on the market for seven years now, the IT-Administrator achieved another milestone in selling more than 4.000 magazines every month as per July 2011 (IVW II/2011). This strong development is also demonstrated by the new survey of LAC 2011 (Readership Analysis Computer Press 2011): the coverage of the magazine increased to a number of 84.000 decision makers in the IT-sector over the last three years.

In April 2014, the German »ADMIN Magazine« of Medialinx Group with about 3,500 subscribers, was taken over by Heinemann Verlag and integrated into IT-Administrator Magazine successfully. At the same time it got a new logo and layout.

One year later, in April 2015, IT-Administrator Magazine had 5,000 subscribers, and in July 2016 already 6,800 – at a total sold circulation of more than 8,000 and a distribution of 11,000 copies (IVW II/2016).

In April 2018 Heinemann Verlag publishes its first book on the topic »Windows 10 in Business«. More books to follow from now on yearly.

In October 2018, IT-Administrator Magazine has 7,250 subscribers, a stable sold circulation of 8,200 and a distribution of 11,400 copies (IVW III/2018).